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Cost Per Wear: Handbag Edition

Continuing on my cost per wear series, today I’d like to share some of my best and worst cost per wears in the category of….handbags.  Yes…I have a lot of bags. They’re a terrible addiction for me. But honestly, you can wear them so much more than clothes…as evidenced especially for me in the last few months, where I’ve felt like a water buffalo otherwise. I haven’t been able to fit in any of my clothes…but I could still wear and enjoy all of my bags. That’s proof of versatility, right?

Bags Cost Per Wear


Lowest (best) cost per wear: Hermes Evelyne bag, FEED tote bag.

My FEED bag that I bought from Target a year or two ago was $25 full price, so it had an advantage from the start. My cost per wear at this point? Pennies. I’ve worn this bag a ton though – it’s the perfect crossbody size to throw around and go to the farmer’s market with, on a casual walk, etc. The only thing that would make it absolutely perfect would be a zip pocket inside and a zip on top, but I’m guessing that it’d make this more than a $25 bag then. Target no longer has my exact bag, but you can find more on the FEED website. Another one of my favorite canvas bags that supports a good cause is this tote from TOMS – tons of pockets and light as a feather (and under $70).

My Hermes Evelyne bag (reviewed here) deserves a mention as well, for my “luxury” bag with the best cost per wear. I use my plain black Evelyne all the time, and love it so much that I’m continuously toying with buying another. Fabulously easy to use.

Interestingly enough, both of my best cost per wear bags are crossbody and on the casual side. Something to keep in mind!

Medium cost per wear: Chanel Jumbo “Classic Flap”.

I’ve had my red Chanel Jumbo flap bag for 7-8 years now, and I think I bought it for something in between $2,000-$3,000 originally. So looking at current day prices is painful! I used this bag a lot when I first got it – I was so happy to find that it fit so much and found the red color more versatile than I originally thought. In the past few years, I’ve reached for it less as for some reason I’ve found it quite heavy, which was never a probably before. Aging? But whenever I need a fun red bag, this is still my go to, and I’m happy that I bought it.

Worst (most expensive) cost per wear: Bottega Knot.

I love the design and feel of my Knot clutch (review here) and when I first got it, tried to use it for most formal events and even nicer nights out for dinner, etc. Unfortunately, something came along late last year that changed all of that – yes, the iPhone 6 Plus. Which doesn’t fit in my clutch (note to 6+ owners – if you are set on a clutch, I’m told that our phone does fit in Bottega’s elongated Knot version, albeit at an angle).

It’s really my own fault for wanting such a gigantic phone (its screen which I’m using primarily to watch old Dave Chapelle clips and play Scrabble with). I love the design of the Knot so much though, that I’m keeping it around for when I don’t have such a big phone anymore…or the rare times I go out without it. I still think this is one of the most beautiful clutch designs out there and wouldn’t hesitate to recommend it…but I have to admit, my cost per wear has been pretty bad in the last year or so.

What bags are your best and worst cost per wear? Would you still recommend them, and buy them again?