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We’ve more Espadrilles, so the addiction is now officially on! Now let’s talk about these latest Hermes Malaga Espadrilles. We’re not sure where the name ‘Malaga’ comes from, but it’s the ideal match if it’s inspired by the city Malaga in Spain. You see, this city Malaga which is a must-go place, is a very famous holiday spot with yellow sand beaches, resorts and uptown shopping streets. And wearing these pair of Hermes Espadrilles when shopping at Malaga is like the perfect idea.

Now before you run due to the ankle strap, let us tell you now that it is removable. Imagine removing those ankle strap when you think it’s not matchy, what leaves behind is a stunning Espadrilles designed by Hermes in beautiful leather.

Crafted in Calfskin leather and available in single colors. It also features with mini palladium-plated ‘Hermes Paris’ Clous de Selle, which is one of the house’s signature designs. The bottom is refined with natural rope insole while the top is entire made in leather. The ankle strap with buckle strap is an option in case you feel more comfortable using it. You can remove it anytime you want and we think without it looks more stylish and fashionable.

Hermes also offers other leather options besides the calfskin leather like metallic for those that love shines and Goatskin. There is also an so-black Espadrilles, in black leather and black bottom ropes.

Now which one would you choose?

Hermes Calfskin Malaga Espadrilles 
Price: €490 euro, £460 GBP

Hermes Goatskin Malaga Espadrilles 
Price: €490 euro, £460 GBP

Hermes Metallic Malaga Espadrilles 
Price: €550 euro, £520 GBP











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A wallet is a woman’s second best friend next to her bag. Knowing how important this leather accessory is, Hermes thought of a way to carry a wallet in style by introducing their newest Hermes Camail Wallet. A walking rainbow of colors, let’s go take a more detailed look.

A long combined wallet in multicolored Epsom calfskin leather that is perfectly matched with silver and palladium-plated zip, the Hermes Camail Wallet is a sight to behold. Why? Who would have thought that owning a wallet could be this fashionable? As you can see the wallet sports multiple colors not only on the outside but also on the inside! Aside from its colorful facade, it also features effortless access with its easy snap closure.

The inner flap is in citrusy lime color while its edges is in light zephyr color and a malachite green color is visible when the wallet is closed. Looking inside, the wallet opens up into a burst of colors! The outside body of the wallet is in creme and the edges around it is in malachite green. The inner flap on the other hand is in azalea pink color while the inside compartment is in bright poppy hue.

Its closed measurement is 17.5 x 11 cm and is priced €1700 euro, £1560 via Hermes boutiques.



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As if you don’t have enough Hermes bags in your closet, consider taking a look at this Hermes Herbag Zip Bag again. It’s the bag that every lady is hunting for.

And why? This Herbag Zip Bag is considered to be the twin soul sister of the Kelly Bag and if your patience is testing you since you can no longer find the Kelly Bag since it’s out of stock most of the time, why not consider this Herbag Zip Bag version?

Okay, honestly speaking, it still has the entire Kelly look and that makes everyone happy, right? It has the padlock with the flexibility function as you can carry it by the shoulder or by the hand. What more, it has a back pocket and inside pouch attached to the canvas so say hello to easy organization!

Low key yet still fashion-forward, the Hermes Herbag Zip Bag is perfect for a woman who has a casual lifestyle on-the-go. Perfect to take with you as you meet with your girlfriends or just run errands on a Saturday morning to pay bills.

And oh, it comes in three different sizes: 31, 39, and the largest cabinet at 52 cm.

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Hermes Mini Kelly

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Ok Hermes lovers, it’s official!

A new Kelly (the Kelly Mini II) measuring a mere 20 cm is expected to arrive this fall! Don’t get too excited though because getting your hands on one may be next to impossible, at least here in the US, unless you’re a VIP customer in one of the Hermes flagship cities.

The buzz is that it will only be available in Miami, Beverly Hills, and the mothership in NYC, but with Hermes one can really never really predict. Maybe the Hermes Goddess’s will have pity on those of us living in more remote areas of the country, LOL.

The mini Kelly will be available in Chevrè and Epsom leathers.
Colors offered will be Blue Hydra, Moutarde, Rose Lipstick, Craie & Rouge Tomate. The price tag definitely won’t be mini, unless $7,700 somehow qualifies as diminutive in your books.

From what we can gather from the latest Sept. 2016 issue of Town and Country , the new mini treasure has more of a pochette shape than the traditional Grace Kelly shape we’re familiar with. Unlike the Hermes Kelly pochette clutch, this will have the traditional detachable shoulder strap 

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Are you looking for uber cute, colorful and bright cases to brighten up your ensembles? Well well, you might want to take a look at these Hermes Canvas Flat Cases that stole our hearts in an instant.

Minimalist in design yet sleek and ever fashion-forward, these Canvas Flat Cases from Hermes are a definite must-haves. They look oh too girly and will absolutely bring back those flirty teenage years back! These cases are made from 100% cotton and come in several colors to choose from, including: fuchsia, fire orange, and sun.

These cases come in duo, one in a smaller size of 8.3” x 11.4” inches while the larger one comes in 10.2” x 14.2” inches. They are priced at $390 USD via Hermes e-store or boutiques. Yes, two Canvas Flat Cases for the price of one.



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The Hermes Egee Clutch, released in 2011. If you’re a regular Hermes shopper, then you must have seen this design many times.

This clutch bag is special, because part of the design features the Chaine d’ Ancre, which is an iconic symbol of the House since 1938. This idea came from Robert Dumas-Hermes, who took control of Hermes in 1951. He was inspired by the Shipyard of Normandy and amazed with the anchors of large naval vessels.

With such a historical piece at hand, stealing the spotlight is a piece of cake, don’t you think?

Kitmin is the proud owner of the Hermes Egee Clutch, the price was $4525 USD. Thanks for sharing the image and congrats with your new purchase!

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